B​.​T​.​S. (Clean)

by Big Sin

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Ungh, Whoo! (Forgive Me, I am Sin)

Verse 1:
Born in 87 came this lyrical weapon
these dudes, I just dissect them in two
my fault correction you knew
See I been chill lately and bullsh*ttin' maybe and still managed to smash off with out a deal baby
It's Big Sin i be that big n*gga
with the, ill sicker flow, just ask your h*e
she want that long d*ck
I be like real quick
suck me and f*ck me then I bust all over your broad chin
and keep it trucking like a GMC
cause this Mc, I'm rocking with the DMV
and b*tch I'm far from spectacular
you biting like a Dracula
I'm next year, you last year, you off the calendar
What ever happen to cats that spit this raw
No condom what the fuck you think I'm d*ckin' em for
Nextukin up in this bitch and we going to war
If u don't let me in the game I'ma kick in the door boy

Wherever you at bump that sh*t
Na this ain't a hook just bump that sh*t
What you listen to now, f*ck that sh*t
This is Big Sin telling you to bump that sh*t
Bump bump bump that sh*t
Bump bump bump that sh*t
Bump bump bump that sh*t
This is Big Sin telling you bump that sh*t

Uh, Whoo, Chea (Big Sin)
Hahaa, yea yea yea!

Verse 2:
This ain't that crack anymore
This be that meth that I'm on
but either or, this sh*t ain't cool wit the law
For this, I should be locked in the pen
Oh well but f*ck it till then
I'll make these motherf*ckers feel my sin
I be the fat daddy and mac daddy of all time
Everywhere I go these shortys tell me
"Sin u the bomb, is you signed? Boy you is fine! But your name is a crime" now she mine
Now she just go and jump in line that's behind me
While I sign these
Looking like blind be
The mesmerized flow got her stuck in a time freeze
Get your mind right, light skin fine type
Only like chocolate b*tches I call her klondike
I'm bomb nice looking like something O'sam did up
Bout to be the flow that's gonna blow out of all n*ggas
My n*gga get more scrilla
overseas I will achieve get more richer
My n*gga I'm bored with ya


Uh, Whoo, Haha
Wherever the f*ck you at right now!
Whatever the f*ck you listen to
Cut that sh*t the f*ck off and listen to this sh*t right here
Haha yea yea Haha yea yea!

Verse 3:
I bring it back to ya
Man who gon lock it up
Check it out, no more lock doors gracias
Just being honest my n*gga just holla "you know"
I got that sh*t for n*ggas who be thinking they go
I'm on a move with this shorty who's addicted to pain
and I love it when she say my name
Ha I'ma fool you know I'm stupid I'm no singer, just playing
you ask me, neither was Cassie, I'm just saying
F*ck all that, f*ck all that fly shit
Ever since 96 I cleared all that nonsense
right up out of my conscious
Then I was on my Aww sh*t
I think I'm all this and that in fact
go smack at your broads b*tch
We on that boss sh*t
plus the flow is so marvelous
see everything I do, yea your boy gonna be off it
meaning I'm on one
but really was born one
school them like Jordan
Motherf*ckers I'm gone son


Uh, Thank you for tuning in,
Yea, just going straight like that
Ain't more to it
Forgive Me, I am Sin


released December 20, 2011
Produced by: Joe Naughty
Mixed by: Kydnice



all rights reserved


Big Sin Washington, D.C.

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